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Dashboard Dials, Tracking, and Measurement

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Dashboard Dials, Tracking, and Measurement

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The Elephant Learning Dashboard allows you to monitor your student’s progress from a high level, diving into specific details as you desire.

The Elephant Age

Your student's Elephant Age is listed at the top of the overview tab of their dashboard.

At the top right of the dashboard you will see your student’s Elephant Age (this is displayed in the default Overview tab). The Elephant Age notes where your child started in the app and then over time, tracks their progress as they pass specific milestones. As they pass these milestones, the system recalculates their Elephant Age (based on averages of other students their age). In the same way that it is hard to see how much taller your child is growing on a daily basis but easy for friends and grandparents to see it between visits, the Elephant Age is less important as a daily measure of progress and more important to show trends over several weeks or months.

Playtime Analysis

The Playtime Analysis tab of the dashboard shows statistics about your students usage during each week.

Located behind the Elephant Age (which you can access by clicking on the Playtime Analysis tab), the Playtime Analysis helps you understand how your child’s playtime compares to our overall recommendations. The purple line indicates the recommended 30 minutes of app use per week and tracks your child progress against that recommendation. We also track ongoing playtime statistics so you can see how your child is progressing from week to week.

Active Curriculum

The Active Curriculum section of the Overview tab provides details on individual subjects.

On our Dashboard, underneath the Elephant Age, we track and share your child’s Active Curriculum. These are the subjects and concepts that your student is actively working on and they indicate what percentage of the subject has been completed thus far.

If you click on any of these individual subjects, the topic expands to show playtime statistics for that specific subject, as well as an explanation of the specific concepts that we are teaching within that subject.

Topic Milestones

Below the Active Curriculum section, the Topic Milestones show further subject details.

Underneath the Active Curriculum section, we highlight the milestones within the subject and what percentage your student has completed. As your child nears the end of a subject, you’ll be able to see that the Elephant Age is about to change. If you click on a milestone, we provide very detailed information about that specific learning milestone.

What Your Student is Working On

In the Topic Milestones section, you may see which activities your student is currently working on.

You can see the specific topics your student is working on and if you desire, you can click on the topic to try some sample questions. Rest assured that this will not impact your student’s scores or results.

What Your Student May Need Help With

In the Topic Milestones section, you may see which activities your student may need help with.

If we have reason to believe your student is struggling with any particular topic, we will specifically indicate it in this part of the Dashboard.

Activities for You and Your Student

In the Topic Milestones section, we list parent activities that you can play with your child outside of the app.

Should you wish to augment your student’s learning, we offer suggestions for activities you can do with your student outside of the app to further support their learning.

Student Playtime

In the Topic Milestones section, you may view your child's interaction statistics.

On the left side of the dashboard, next to each milestone you can see playtime analysis for your student. The statistics show their total playtime on that subject, their average playtime per session, how many questions they passed, and how many questions they attempted.

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